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In-Person Worship

In-Person Worship Info

The Latest Info About In-Person Worship

* Update Effective 8/20/21 Socially distanced seating is still available in the Right & Left wings, balcony and classroom seating.

* Update Effective 5/10/21 No longer need to RSVP for in person attendance to Worship!

The ReLaunch Team takes the safety of ALL potential congregants very seriously. We're excited about the outlook of vaccine availability over the coming weeks. Based on local and national data and with consultation with viral experts, we are pleased to make these adjustments in our safety protocols in regards to our gathered worship.

  1. We still ask you to remain at home if you are not feeling well.
  2. Masks will be optional and not required once you're inside the main Sanctuary. We recommend you wear one upon entering the sanctuary until seated for the safety of all! Entry and lobby are still congested areas that we cannot remain safely distanced for the un-vaccinated in our midst.
  3. We will remove the blue separated pews in the main body of sanctuary but continue to maintain distanced seating in the 2 wings, balcony and classrooms.
  4. With increasing scientific data, we will no longer require temperature checks upon entry.
  5. We will be increasing the occupancy capacity by opening seating in the balcony section.
  6. We will offer some printed materials for your convenience such as prayer and birthday lists, Upper Room devotionals, as well as bulletins.
  7. We are encouraging the congregation to sing! Masks or not!

We will continue to evaluate additional changes in the coming weeks and months looking forward to when we can safely move into a full Phase 4 ReLaunch!

We continue with Phase 3 into 2021! Here's what you need to know...

Sundays at 10:30am, we will host 1 in-person service which will be streamed live online and archived On-Demand.

As we continue to offer in-person worship, our goal is to create safe, meaningful worship experiences for those who are ready to gather again. Below is a breakdown of some of the guidelines that are put in place in hopes to achieve this. At this time, we still have concern for ALL including the staff and volunteers. There is also a FAQ section to help answer questions you may have along the way.

**Important Notes:

No longer requiring pre-registration or RSVP to attend the Worship but we are doing a check in at the main doors.


What are the services like?

At this time we continue to offer 1 service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary, which we offer live-streamed and archived for your viewing at a later date. We have held in-person services since October 2020. Our serving teams are adjusting to revised procedures. We ask for your prayers and patience.

Do I Have to Register?

No longer required, but there will be a check-in at the door. In order to maintain safe, spacious distancing in the Sanctuary, there is a seating capacity that we will continue to monitor. This also allows for tracking should a medical incident occur.

Do I have to wear a mask?

It is optional now! ... as more and more members are vaccinated. We recommend you wear one upon entering to join in community together while considering the concerns of our whole church family and those who cannot be vaccinated.

Do I have my temperature taken?

We are into Phase 3 and will no longer require temperature checks upon entry due to increased scientific data.

What about my kids?

Guests will be seated as a family unit. There will be a nursery for children 2 and under. Children's Church meets in their own building, A. This will be at 10:30 am.

Ages 3 to 5th Grade are welcome to attend.

Will there be coffee and donuts?

Not yet. We encourage you to enjoy your favorite breakfast from the comfort of your home.

Can I still watch online?

Absolutely, we are committed to serving our online congregation and have been making plans for enhancements along the way.

Can my Sunday School Class meet?

Currently, We have 2 classes meeting, Rock for All Ages in S-1 and New Life in S-3. There are capacity limits to the rooms but rest assured there is a seat for YOU!

Can my Bible Study or serving team meet at the church during the week?

There are some opportunities for groups up to 16 people to meet on campus during the week, with protocols in place and as scheduling allows. Please email here for more details if you're interested.

Gentle Reminder:

Kindness is the best policy!

Let's all do our part so we can move on to Phase 4 of ReLaunching SpringLIfe!

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