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Here's What's Happening in the Life of the Church

In-Person Worship! We've setup a separate page to address issues of Covid-19 and In-Person Worship.

Just TEXT the word "check" to church phone number to let us know you are 'viewing' Worship services.

It's so easy! Our Church Teams database makes streamlined technology available to us and especially now when we have limited in person Worship we find this very useful. Some of us are attending in person but others still feel unsafe doing so.

After you watched the weekly message, use your smart phone to send a text message to the church phone # 352-683-2600. Text the word "CHECK" and send along, instantly you will be sent a link and if you follow that link you can check in yourself and any others in your household as having viewed the weekly message. This helps us stay connected to you and know that you are actively participating in the life of the church. Go ahead and save the number as a contact in your phone as there will be additional features available as well.

We've finished 3 Church Chats on denominational business, see link below for summary's

A Letter from our Chairman

So much that goes on every week at our church is due to those working behind the scenes who you may not realize or know about. This past week especially was so full with our church hosting the vaccine clinic, a Good Friday Service, a sun(Son)rise service, and an Easter service. On top of the feeding ministry where hundreds of people at our Food Pantry and Take Out Tuesday dinners are served each week. I felt it important to publicly thank all of our wonderful volunteers. From our office staff headed up by our Church Administrator-that vaccine clinic where many of our own church got their one and done shot!-this could not have happened or fall in to our laps- nor do those bulletins to shut-ins, or calls to check up on ailing congregants happen on their own- and to our church safety and security team-who have made it so smooth and seamless you hardly know they are there. They were so helpful in the past week when they responded to a person fainting as we left church- and those people who greet you and check you in each Sunday (yay for no more temperature checks), and those who run the sound and broadcast booth or show you to your seats, to the singers and musicians who provide our worship music-they come to church spending time practicing to hone their skills- to those who maintain our church grounds and even provided support for the clinic. Serving the Lord through our community of faith just doesn’t happen without time, energy and many volunteers. I need to include our NextGen leader who is diligently working with our Children and Youth and is ready to bust loose as more and more of our younger people get vaccinated-did you know we have nursery support for children from birth up to age 3? so parents with very young children can attend worship if they so choose. And, I know I am sure I left out someone, though not intentionally! Thank you, thank you, thank you to our Volunteers and staff who have got us through this unplanned pandemic for over a year now. I can’t say thank you enough.

Great late breaking news that I just had to add my previously drafted letter!


1. SpringLife Church will add at least one and possibly two more vaccine clinics. We still have a number of congregants who have not been able to get vaccinated for a variety of reasons. This will help address their needs. More details to follow shortly.

2. We received an email from our bank today dated April 15 that advised us that the SBA approved our application for forgiveness of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) that we were awarded early on in the Covid Pandemic. The amount forgiven is $126, 194.44 which includes accrued interest.


Neither of these opportunities would have happened without the hard work of our office staff especially Bob Coldwell, our Church Administrator, and Theresa Smith, our Church Treasurer. Congratulations and thank you both for jobs well done. Thank you also to our Finance Committee for your oversight of the PPP process, 


However, in closing I would be remiss in letting you know of the need, especially as we look to the future as to how and when to add additional worship services, Children and Youth activities, Sunday School, etc. that our need for more volunteers will grow and is CRITICAL to bringing back these offerings. We will need more volunteers to usher, work the sound booth, be part of the safety and security team, Sunday School or Small Group leaders and assistants, hospitality team and check in. If you feel willing and able to serve your church and help to fill these critical positions, please go to the Central Hub on our website where you can get plugged in to a serving opportunity. We can connect you to the right team leaders. And again, thank you, thank you, thank you, all!

~Bill Gamlin, Chairman of both Ministry Team and Administrative Team.

Please consider serving the Lord at your church, see link below!

Prayer and Healing Service in Person Tuesdays at 9 AM

Jan Griffioen leads the Prayer Service in the Choir Room. Prayers, sharing, anointing, scriptures, meditations and music. Call the office for more info, or if you would like to attend in person, 352-683-2600 x 0.

Books of the Bible on video

Through the recordings of 75+ church family volunteers, we have available a number of Old and New Testament Books of the Bible on our website. If you enjoy Psalms in particular, you can go directly to listening to the Psalms. If you have a preference for the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke or John - we have them available also, as well as many more Books of the Bible. Each one lovingly presented to you for your listening and viewing pleasure. It is set up so you can easily choose to watch any of the Books and pick up at any chapter recorded by our very own SpringLife Church family! If you'd like be a reader participant, please contact the office.

Take-Out Tuesdays are here.

FREE Tuesday Dinners is a take-out style meal service each week. Pick-ups start at 5 pm. It is very important we use our resources wisely and an accurate head-count is so very helpful to reach that goal. Please reserve your meal(s) by texting the word "takeout" to the church phone #352-683-2600 or click the link below:

Prayer Ministry Update- Thank you Prayer partners for signing up- keep on doing so!

We currently have 64 Prayer Partners who receive weekly email updates for prayer requests. These requests come in by phone to the office, but mostly by prayer cards on the website. Phone calls and weekly communications with the church family is vitally important for this ministry and results in finding needs for prayer that way as well. We celebrate our Praises and answer to prayer also.

Thank you to Jan Griffioen for taking the lead on " in person" Healing and Prayer at the church on Tuesday mornings. She has a small core of folks who show up each week and our printed prayer list is shared with them. She is encouraged to have others join as they feel safe to gather for songs, Intercessory prayer support and communion. 

NextGen Ministries

The NextGen is "planting many kinds of seeds" and "tilling the soil" in preparation for our growth potential. Leviticus 19:23-25.

I am currently sending teams to check out various retreat venues for moms and dads for the purpose of connection (to God and to others). After the teams come back with their experiences, I will evaluate whether or not to pursue this particular retreat as a means of connection.

The NextGen teens are preparing to go to a camp that has a history of making new disciples of Christ. In the camp, each church/cabin leaves space for a camp sponsored foster kid in which we are to take under our wing and mentor throughout the week. This makes our camp experience a sort of mission trip experience as well.

The NextGen Program team is being developed and trained. This will be a collaborative team that will help create and implement content and design for weekly programming.

The NextGen Program team is currently working toward a "soft launch" with our NextGen kids this June. The theme this summer is "Press Play" and is about building confidence in faith.

The NextGen Events team is working on Summer events for our NextGen kids.

The NextGen teens are looking to do a service project along the coast at the end of the month. This project is being sponsored by the Sea Scouts and is presented to us by Brenden Young - one of our teens.

Further, the NextGen ministries are looking for an August launch. This launch will start the cycle of our yearly strategy - yearly scope (Fall to Summer); quarterly discipleship themes; monthly -teachings, events, family experiences (camps, retreats, conferences), and more. . Bryan Quinn

"Gideons" MAY Mission of the Month

Gideons. When you hear that word what do you think of? Well, if you are of a certain age and

have stayed in enough hotels and motels , you probably think of that Bible you found in the top

drawer of that bedside stand when you opened it to find the local phone book. But who placed it

there and why? Well here are some facts.

The Gideons began distributing the Word of God in this manner in 1908 when two events took

place. First, two men who traveled extensively for business were forced to share a double room

one night when the local hotel was crowded: no room in the inn? They discovered they both

were Christians and decided to share their evening devotion time. The decision to create a

group to foster such a process on a wider scale came from that night. In a prayer time set aside

by the growing group to select a name, one of the members arose from prayer and announced

God had told him to name the group “The Gideons.” That night they read chapters 6-8 of the

book of Judges together.

The second event also transpired in 1908 when a Gideon was speaking at a Ministerial Union

meeting and upon hearing of their work a local pastor stood and made a motion that, “Gideon

Bibles be placed in all local hotels and that the Ministerial Union be responsible for the funds.”

The rest is history and today there are over 250,000 Gideons and Auxiliary worldwide doing

their work in 200 countries.

Sadly, that church support has declined significantly. The local Gideon President-actually called

a Camp Leader-was almost in tears thanking our church for considering them for the MOM. We

may, in fact, be the only church in the County doing so.

I first met one of the Gideons locally when he came to speak at a UMM dinner. Their passion for

getting God’s Word out in their Bible distribution efforts as well as their personal testimony and

evangelizing is VERY high. To even be considered to be a Gideon they must be recommended

by their local pastor.

Recently, I worked alongside them for the second time at out Trunk or Treat event. During those

two events they distributed easily 1500 or more child size Bibles, OT, NT, and other materials to

those families attending. The conversations that I overheard while handing out candy next to

them were incredible. It involved the children and all shapes and sizes of family members: older

siblings, Moms and Dads, and Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents who chaperoned their

youngsters to this safe event. It wasn’t just take one and walk on!

It was there I learned of the lack of church support they are receiving. And so it was there I

decided to champion them as the MOM. If you want to know more about how those Bibles

accomplish God’s purpose go to their website: Their blog section has story after

story about those who just picked up, read, and had their life transformed. So won’t you please

help them help the world have more of these life transforming moments? Thank you.

Men's Bible Studies...

The men's Thursday Morning Bible Study is returning to Zoom only for the time being. The group connectysd at 8:30 a.m. with the study beginning at 9 a.m. The current study is the Book of James. Contact Andrew Schwartz 703-581-7144 for the zoom link to be included in the weekly study.

There is also a small UMM Tuesday Morning 8:30 a.m. Bible study group that meets in-person in the church Library for "Apologetics."

You do not need to be a member of the church to join either of these interactive studies to read and hear God's Word. Just have a love for God! 

Ministry Updates - May, 2021

The Healing And Prayer Service

We meet every week on Tuesday’s at 9 a.m. in the Choir Room.  

Music Ministry

Chancel Choir practice has resumed for members who have been fully vaccinated - that includes about 30-35 positions.

I'm also attempting to restart the prayer request updates by email with the choir. I'm hoping to send out updates from time to time. We continue to keep Kathy Hackemer's husband, Horst, in prayer.  This is another way to keep people informed on how each other is doing health-wise as well how we may be better able to support them in prayer. ~David Pletincks


L.I.F.T. Ladies in Faith Together

The board of LIFT (Ladies In Faith Together) met in person this month at Church wearing masks. It was great to be together. It was discussed and decided to make contact with each active member at least once a month. Each board member has a list of women to communicate with monthly. We continually keep the members updated by email. ~Judy Kalee, President

The United Methodist Men

We are in Spring season campus maintenance. A drainage ditch was recently dug out and pipe installed for better water runoff management off of the detached garage building. Lawn maintenance although not yet in full swing has begun. A project to cleanup and maintain the playground mulch will be completed this week.
This morning was our board of directors meeting for May, meeting in person (masked up) on campus. Two subcommittee chairmen will commence working on two different projects to engage the youth of our community with our church. A motion to begin a process of changing our organization's name was approved. A subcommittee will soon be called together to supply a list of possibilities.
Our annual "President's Letter" was sent out to over 460 men of our church. A survey was included asking to be filled out and returned. The data collected should help create a better database listing the various skills and interests of the men at large. This data could be very useful to both our church and the UMM organization as we hope to engage our men today with the men and families of our church tomorrow. This letter also serves as a fund raiser and identifies the various missions that we support including some that are within the church. . ~Andrew Schwartz, UMM President

The Library
We have now been open to serve our Church family on Sunday mornings for 30 minutes before and after the 10:30 Worship service. The library continues to be open on Tuesdays from 10 am – 12 noon. We have enjoyed visiting with a variety of patrons each week. To view recently added materials use the Online Public Access Catalog available 24-7 at www.SpringLife.Church , click on LIBRARY from the menu. Remote checkouts can be requested by contacting us at We will check out the resource to you and make it available in the church office; or just come and see us on Tuesdays.
Even more exciting and interesting books, audio books, CD’s and DVD’s have been received and are being processed. They will be available in January. Communications about these new materials will begin then.
Discussion with existing library volunteers is ongoing. I am working with them to determine their level of interest in staffing the library when open, working with the new technology, and continuing with previous tasks that need to be resumed.~Lynn Logue


Food Pantry report

Blessings to all from the food pantry,

Last month we added 121 families to our continuing growing list of families needing food assistance from our community. The pantry is so blessed to have such a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers and the continued financial support that we have been able to meet these monthly increases and should do so into the coming months. The outside freezer door and frame has been removed and has been replaced with and much more energy efficient frame and door. Crosspoint Refrigeration has done an excellent job in keeping all our refrigeration equipment in a highly operational condition this past year. We recently received a needed donation of a truck to pull our trailer as needed to pick up products locally and from the USDA distribution center in Port Richey. We are optimistic that all the details will be worked out so we can have it operational in April. ~Larry Milks

Take out Tuesdays-Tuesday Night Dinners Ministry

Praise God that Take Out Tuesday served 720 people in the month of March (5 Tuesdays). We have found the way we have to serve is completely different then when we served in house. But God has provided. We thank God for our volunteers and all the help we get from our church staff. ~Jan Griffioen 

Congregational Care Report- March 2021 Monthly Report

Care Companions-We have the same faithful Care Companions serving 31 congregational members in need (called care receivers). We are still looking for Care Companions as we have more congregational members in need than we can match with Care Companions.

Casserole Ministry- All but 2 of the recently made 8 mini-casseroles (to serve 2 people) have been delivered. Time to make some more. Jan Griffioen has graciously given us the microwavable containers for our casseroles. We believe this will make the casseroles easier to prepare for our care receivers. ~Cheryl Miller


Kairos update: Still planning on having our big 3 and a half day weekend September 30-Oct 4. Praise God we have received approval for it.One thing we can continue to do, however, is pray for everyone on the HCI compound and the volunteers within the Kairos community. Thank God we do not need a specific place or time to pray. We can raise our praises, requests and thanks to Him at any time or place! ~ Blessings, Nancy McClellan 

Next Gen Ministry

The NextGen Ministry has been busy, and we are on track with my 5 year plan based on Leviticus 19:23-25

Year one: Survey the land

Year 2-3: "Planting seeds of many kinds"

Year 4: Relentless Discipleship and Continual Pruning

Year 5: The year of Abundance

Children - we are looking at a June "soft launch". We will be doing children's church at the 10:30 am service time.

Youth - the teens will be working up to our summer camp. I am looking to fund raise soon.

Parents - there are some things in the works for the purpose of connecting parents to each other in order to build community. ~ Bryan Quinn

Ask the Administrator


We're excited about the ability to host several community events related to health of the community. This weekend we will host our 2nd Covid Vaccination group as we partner with the FL EOD. Then on 4/27 we will host a Life Line Screening event.

This Sunday, 4/25 at 4pm we will have our 3rd Church Chat of the year as we welcome a guest from the WCA to speak about the Protocol with us.

The Trustees are working with vendors to evaluate a new AC Line Chase on the east side of the Sanctuary.

Here's a financial update through March 2021:

Anticipated Expenses: $250,256

Operating Giving: $212,597

Actual Expenses: $216,834

Mortgage Giving:$19,772

Mortgage Expenses: $27,173

We continue to keep a close watch on our expenses and giving through this Covid season.