Covid-19 Current onsite activities are Wednesday Food Pantry (9a-2p) and Sunday worship with RSVP. Watch Live Worship

NextGen Ministries

Babies. Toddlers. Kids. Teens. Parent.

The NextGen Ministry is ONE ministry that supports the larger church 

by helping families

"Win at the things that matter most"

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Every first Monday of the month,

we ask that you put yourself on TimeOut.

Not because you've been bad but because you deserve a break.

Zoom Links and other information available for parents on our NextGen Resou´╗┐rce Email.

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Sunday School

Preschool/Kindergarten November Week 5
Elementary School November Week 5

Youth Group is back!!!

We are only meeting for an hour to limit exposure during this time.

3-4pm Every Sunday in Building A

Expect to walk in to some:

  • Bump'n Music
  • Things To Do (pool, ping-pong, vintage video games, Worldball)
  • Group Fun (I dare you not to make friends)
  • Gospel-centric Lessons

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Due to the Covid-19 situation, we regret Children not being together in person.

Coming Soon!!!

Parent Workshops

Vision Casting of the NEW

Volunteer Recruitment

and so much more...

Even during Covid-19, we have things going on all the time

for you and your family.

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