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NextGen Ministries

Babies. Toddlers. Kids. Teens. Parents.

The NextGen Ministry is ONE ministry that supports the larger church 

by helping families

"Win at the things that matter most"

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Easter SHELLabration is an Egg Hunt delivered to you right in your front yard. CLICK the picture for more information and registration

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Let's face it, kids ask hard questions about

the Bible, God, Sin, the Devil, Jesus, Justice, Holiness, Sacrifice, and more

and most parents don't have Theological Degrees.

The NextGen Ministry wants to equip you to become "Faith-Rockstars" to your kids.

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Children's Digital Sunday School and Worship

Preschool/Kindergarten February week 4
Elementary School February week 4

Youth Series

February week 4

February is all about Authority:

(Study of the Book of James)

Feb 7 - the right rules can set you free

and free people...

Feb 14 - don't dance with danger

Feb 21 - make decisions that benefit others

Feb 28 - give up their freedoms for others

Youth Group News and Events

Youth Group is back!!!

3-4pm Sunday Afternoons

We are only meeting for an hour to limit exposure during this time.

6th -12th grade are welcome

No registration required - Wear a mask!!!

Expect to walk in to some:

Bump'n Music - Pool/Ping-Pong/AirHocky/more

Group Fun (I dare you not to make friends) - Gospel-centric Lesson